Local midwifery practice rebrands itself to illustrate its focus on inclusivity and a client-centric approach to care.
The Forest City Midwifery C.A.R.E. logo is inspired by London, the Forest City, with colours and imagery that speak to inclusions and strong roots that ground and support new life.

LONDON, ON – July 25, 2022 | Today it is with great pleasure that the midwives and staff of Forest City Midwifery C.A.R.E. (FCMC) share with its clients, friends, families, and community partners the result of carefully conducted research and rebranding to better represent a midwifery practice that fosters an inclusive and caring environment for all.

The new Forest City Midwifery C.A.R.E. colour scheme reflects the calm blue of the previous logo (Womancare Midwives) with the renewing qualities of green, and multi-coloured leaves that speak to inclusivity. The teals selected are rejuvenating colors that also represent open communication and clarity of thought.

“Our philosophy of care remains the same and is based on respect for the birth process and optimizing outcomes during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum transition. We are guided by the principles of continuity of care, informed choice, appropriate use of technology, and choice of birthplace,” said Danielle Longfield, Registered Midwife at FCMC. “Our knowledgeable and highly skilled midwives offer a client-centric approach with a focus on all stages of prenatal, intrapartum, and early postpartum care.”

The practice’s previous name, Womancare Midwives, and logo was centred around women and the female form. While the original intent was focused on empowerment of women at a time when informed choice in healthcare was not as available for women, the purpose for midwives was always to provide equal, informed quality of care for childbearing people during a time of great significance in their lives. So to is this experience important to all individuals, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, culture, race or religion.

“We believe our new name and logo accurately represents our philosophy of care and is inviting to all individuals seeking a midwife”, said Carly Griffith, Registered Midwife of FCMC.

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About Forest City Midwifery C.A.R.E
Forest City Midwifery C.A.R.E. (FCMC) was established over 30 years ago and is dedicated to inclusivity. FCMC embraces individualized care for childbearing people of every race, religion, culture, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, age, marital status, economic status, education, language, and reproductive and parenting approach. The midwives and staff at FCMC continue to educate themselves and implement changes that foster an environment that is welcoming, safe, and accessible for all.
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